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Home of Carroll Lacrosse Club

Lacrosse Terminology

Lacrosse Terminology

Many terms used throughout the course of a game may be unique to the sport and unfamiliar. Here are some common terms:

Assist = Pass to teammate who immediately scores a goal 

Box = Sideline substitution area 

Cage = Goal 

Chase = After a shot, the player closest to the ball (offense or defense) gains possession. This often results in players chasing a ball to gain possession, called a chase.

Clear = Defense attempts to advance the ball out of their half of the field into the offensive half 

Crease = 3 foot circle surrounding the goal that cannot be entered by an offensive player

Fast Break = Offense has numbers of players advantage rushing toward the defending team’s goal eager for a scoring opportunity 

Man-up/down =Team has a number of players advantage/disadvantage from a penalty. Related term is Extra Man Offense (EMO).

Ride = Attempt by offensive players to hinder or prevent defensive players from moving the ball out of their defensive zone 

Home Field

Kreager Park and Carroll Middle School is considered to be home of Carroll Lacrosse games, but please check the calendar.  Sometimes home games can be played in other locations.


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